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The Rausch Coleman Holiday Story

December 15, 2021

Is this your Holiday story this year?
(If so, we can help!)

'Twas the night before Christmas, with no room to roam,

I sat down with my phone to search up a new home.

 Home search, I thought, rent is too high,

I very much wish to bid this apartment goodbye;

"Own for Less than Rent" Rausch Coleman said,

And the vision of homeownership danced in my head;

 I reached out to to contact someone in the know,

One who could help me purchase a new place to grow;

 Rausch Coleman Homes responded in a flash,

To help find that perfect home for next year’s Holiday bash;

A beautiful home I found right away,

And I visited the community the very next day!

I met with the sales pro, pleased with the price,

This new home was perfect and oh so nice;

 The process was painless and perfect in all ways,

Much to my surprise, I closed in 30 days;

Now settled in our new home what a great place,

We are all so happy nested in our very own space;

 I heard our sales pro exclaim as he drove out of sight…

Home sweet home to all and have a blessed night! 

Host next year's Holiday festivities in your very own NEW HOME. Visit to get started!

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