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From Oceanside to Oklahoma—The Arwine Family’s Faith-Filled Journey to Their New Home

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May 22, 2024

Have you ever considered moving to an entirely new state, sight unseen? For many, the thought of purchasing a home over 1,000 miles away may seem overwhelming, however, it was the inspiring reality of the Arwine family. Dan Arwine and his wife Vidalia embarked on the path, leaving behind Oceanside, California to embrace the new chapter of their lives in Oklahoma. 

Their journey was not simply a search for a new house but a pursuit of solace and tranquility for their future. In September 2020, Dan Arwine received a life altering diagnosis of bilateral hyperacusis, a condition stemming from his years serving our country in the U.S. Marine Corps. When met with this news, Dan’s doctor advised him that for his comfort, he should find a home that provided a quiet sanctuary for him and his wife to spend their days.

Seeking guidance, Dan reached out to his friend living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and took note of his mentioning the town not far from him named Coweta several times. After this, Dan and his wife felt moved to research Coweta further, leading them to discover Rausch Coleman Homes and their guide, Sales Professional, Tomas Rodriquez.

Through conversations, the couple shared their history and aspirations with Tomas, envisioning owning a home nestled away and surrounded by beautiful scenery for them to enjoy during their retirement. For Dan, he sought relief from his recent diagnosis, a haven where he and his wife could relax while enjoying nature. For Vidalia, she wished for a new community to build relationships in as she was retiring from a career in education where she had dedicated herself to working with children both with and without disabilities for over 20 years. 

Their search led them to the RCH Morgan model home in Coweta, a perfect match for their dreams. However, they were informed this lot had been previously reserved and their search for their new beginning would have to continue. Despite this disappointment, Dan shared that he had dreams of his future backyard where he would relax on a patio with his wife and overlook 5 large trees with nature all around. Vidalia emphasized that “the part of the dream that stayed with him was these 5 trees” and they knew that it would be a sign for their future. Undeterred, the couple worked with Tomas to search high and low as they placed their faith in the Lord, praying for guidance in their journey of a new beginning.

Divine intervention seemed to play a hand when, one fateful morning at 9:00 AM, Dan called Tomas for any new updates in the process. Dan and his wife shared that Tomas answered their call and asked “Sir, are you a praying man?” To which Dan replied “yes. As Tomas elaborated, he stated that “the man who had reserved that lot pulled out this morning, and I knew it was meant to be.” 

With unwavering faith, the Arwine’s began the process of building their new forever home, bridging the distance of over 1,500 miles through calls, videos, and pictures. Their journey was marked not by fear or anxiety, but a profound sense of trust in the guidance of the Lord. When asked if they felt nervous or hesitant regarding the process, Vidalia shared that “something about knowing the hand of God was in it, we had no fear because we knew He was leading us.”

Through their collaboration, the Arwine’s were able to secure the exact lot and model of home they had pictured. The house is tucked away from any disruptive noise with a large pond wrapping along the back of their property, surrounded by a beautiful tree line. When first pulling up to their new home, Dan stated that “We shed a tear. It was like something I saw in my dream.” 

The Arwine's have found an overwhelming feeling of joy and love for their new home that is palpable even through the phone. When reminiscing on their home and the buying process, Dan Arwine shared “we weren’t just another number of another buyer, we built a relationship with Tomas and our builder.” Tomas and the Arwine’s bond continues today as Dan said, “he became a friend that I trusted as he displayed a heart of compassion and care for our needs that I never had experienced before from a distance.”

Today, the Arwine’s now are able to spend their days peacefully on their back porch, tending to their garden and taking in the beautiful birds and nature that surround them. Vidalia shared that their community exceeds every expectation and experience of her past in California. She has grown close to her neighbors, welcoming new families into the community and baking sweet treats for Tomas and the Rausch Coleman team. Dan now is only 8 miles away from a new VA hospital where he has found exceptional care which has allowed him to continue to grow closer to himself, his wife, and God. 

Those who are fortunate enough to meet and share a conversation with the Arwine’s will quickly feel the love they share for their family, their home, and God and how radiant it is. While their story is unique to them, it speaks to the inspiring path and future that is made possible with homeownership through Rausch Coleman Homes.

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